Will County Supervisor of Assessments
Parcel Maps

Will County had nearly 10,000 new parcels for the 2001 levy year. Manual methods of parcel creation simply cannot keep up with the rate of growth nor do paper methods properly store the amount of Will County parcel and assessment data. Mapmaking and geographic analysis are not new, but a GIS performs these tasks better and faster than do the old manual methods. And, before GIS technology, only a few people had the skills necessary to use geographic information to help with decision making and problem solving. This data should be easier to manage and access through Will County's GIS system.

The GIS department works with the Supervisor of Assessment in the production of the Will County parcel maps. Parcel maps are used to assess the value of land for county tax revenue. Production of parcel maps will continue with GIS, the only change will be the increased speed at which the maps can be produced. Digital creation of these maps reduces the staff time spent in drafting because the manual process of drawing lines with pen and ink are to be eliminated.

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