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Find Your Township

You will need your parcel pumber, also called a Permanent Index Number or PIN, to find your township. Your real estate tax bill has a 16-digit parcel number. Other documents displaying your parcel number may have 14 or 16 digits. The 14-digit version of the parcel number omits the first two digits, or computer code.

Breakdown of Sample Parcel Number:   07-01-05-100-005-0000

  Computer Code Township Section Block Lot Misc  
  07 01 05 100 005 0000  

Reed, Custer, and Wesley Townships share two township codes. If you live in either of these three townships, you can either look at your tax bill to find your 16-digit parcel number, or contact us at (815) 740-4648 to determine your Township and your Township Assessor.

Use the Township Locator Map or the Township Locator Table to find your township.