Will County Supervisor of Assessments
Board of Review

Board Chairperson: Board Members: Clerk of the BOR:
Susan McMillin, CIAO/I
Sue L. Smith, CIAO
Ann Crickman, CIAO
Dale D. Butalla, CIAO-M

The Board of Review prides itself on assisting property owners with the Board of Review appeal process as well as the State appeal process. The Board of Review also approves Senior Assessment Freeze Exemptions and refers Tax Exemptions to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Appeals are processed, scheduled for hearing, reviewed and the final decisions are entered into the computer, then mailed to all appellants. The Board of Review considers all evidence presented before them to arrive at a fair and equitable assessed value within the guidelines of state statute.


The Board of Review is located at:
Will County Office Building
302 N. Chicago Street
Second Floor
Joliet, IL 60432


Contact the Board of Review:
Phone: (815) 740-4718
Business Hours: Monday - Friday,
from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm