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You may search for properties in Will County by Property Index Number (also known as "Parcel ID Number" or PIN"). For more information on PINs, read the sections below. If you don't know the PIN of the property or properties you are searching for, visit our Property Search Portal page for other property search options.


    Parcel ID:                         

You may type in the full PIN (for example, 11-04-04-321-002-0000) or a partial PIN. For example, if you type a partial PIN of "11-04-04", all PINs starting with "11-04-04" will appear in the Search Results. 



You will need your parcel number, also called a Property Index Number or PIN, to find your township. Your real estate tax bill has a 16-digit parcel number. Other documents displaying your parcel number may have 14 or 16 digits. The 14-digit version of the parcel number omits the first two digits, or computer code.

Breakdown of Sample Parcel Number:   07-01-05-100-005-0000

  Computer Code Township Section Block Lot Misc  
  07 01 05 100 005 0000  

Reed, Custer, and Wesley Townships share two township codes. If you live in either of these three townships, you can either look at your tax bill to find your 16-digit parcel number, or contact us at (815) 740-4648 to determine your Township and your Township Assessor.


If you have a 14-digit parcel number, match the number found in the "14-Digit Parcel Number" column with the first two digits of your parcel number (township number).

If you are using the parcel number found on your tax bill or if you have a 16-digit parcel number in front of you, match the number found in the "16-Digit Parcel Number" column with the first two digits of your parcel number (computer code).

Click on the Township name below to find the township's assessor.

  14-Digit Parcel Number
(1st Two Digits - Township)
16-Digit Parcel Number
(1st Two Digits - Computer Code)
  07 01 Wheatland  
  12 02 DuPage  
  06 03 Plainfield  
  11 04 Lockport  
  16 05 Homer  
  05 06 Troy  
  30 07 Joliet  
  15 08 New Lenox


  19 09 Frankfort  
  04 10 Channahon  
  10 11 Jackson  
  14 12 Manhattan  
  18 13 Green Garden  
  21 14 Monee  
  23 15 or 16 Crete  
  03 17 Wilmington  
  09 18 Florence  
  13 19 Wilton  
  17 20 Peotone  
  20 21 Will  
  22 22 or 23 Washington  
  02 24 Reed  
  01 24 or 25 Custer


  08 24 or 25 Wesley